Book a massage at White Sage and experience a relaxing, warm and caring massage that encourages you to breath deeply and let your worries melt away.

Our massages are designed to be a ritual that entices all the senses and bring you into a calm state. We use natural massage oils that are water soluble so your skin is left refreshed and hydrated.

Let us indulge you with a White Sage Signature Massage.

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White Sage Signature Massage

Let us take you on a beautiful journey we as we intuitively massage all muscle tension and soreness away, this is a decadent and healing experience focusing not only on muscle tension but taking you into a deep state of relaxation soothing the body, mind & spirit.

30min Relaxation Massage |$80

45min Relaxation Massage|$90

60min Relaxation Massage|$105

75min Relaxation Massage|$130