Spa Experiences

White Sage Spa Rituals and Packages are created to be the ultimate indulgent experiences. Specifically tailored to your skin and needs on the day, these packages have been created with our clients in mind.

White Sage tailor spa rituals and packages according to the season, recognising that your skin needs different nourishment depending on season and your own individual health.

Combine our spa rituals and packages with gorgeous Treatment Enhancements for the ultimate indulgence.

INVIGORATE | Duration 45 minutes | Cost $110

 Dry Body Brush + Intensive Moisture Application

Renew and invigorate your skin with our full body dry brushing experience which will remove dead skin cells, increase circulation, reduce the appearance of cellulite and leaves your skin visibly smoother. We follow the natural lymphatic flow with soft circular motions to also help the body to detoxify and smooth over with our hands to add a nurturing element after the effect of the brushing, your skin is then replenished with a rich body butter blend of Argan Oil, Coconut Oil and Vit E to rehydrate and restore.

BALANCE | Duration 90 minutes | Cost $205

30minute Relaxation Massage, The Remedy Facial & Bright Eyes

A divine face and body experience beginning with a warm oil relaxation massage to release stress and tension combining slow and soothing movements which then transitions in to our 30min power facial which is a personalised mini osmosis facial which is deeply cleansing and nourishing in nature designed to target skin concerns and brighten complexion combined with our signature eye treatment Bright Eyes to replenish and soothe tired eyes.

NOURISH |Duration 120 minutes | Cost $270

Back Exfoliation, 45min Massage, The Remedy Facial & Warm Hair Treatment

 We have combined our most popular therapies to indulge you with this sensory journey that begins with a warm oil relaxation massage that is tailored for you to target problem areas and muscle tension then followed by a nourishing customised facial that will not only treat concerns but have you feeling like you’re floating on cloud nine, for extra decadence we have added in a warm hair infusion treatment.

THE HEALER | Duration 135 minutes | Cost $305

Back Exfoliation, 45 min relaxation Massage, White Sage Signature Facial with Reiki healing, Sound Healing

This is the ULTIMATE treatment to restore and soothe your mind body and soul, energetically working with reiki healing techniques to enhance a deeper sense of relaxation and wellbeing throughout this experience. Honouring the time that you have taken out for yourself we begin with some breath work to release body and mind tension, bringing you into the present moment. Warm oil is used to then massage the body focusing on key areas where we hold stress, a delicate sugar scrub is sprinkled over the back and gently massaged to lift off dead skin cells and smooth skin this is removed with an aromatic hot towel. Our Signature facial is tailored to address concerns but also to immerse you in a deeper state of relaxation as we take you on a sensory journey throughout the facial with notes of peppermint and cranberry, your skin will be completely rejuvenated. The treatment finishes with sound healing using a Tibetan singing bowl to rebalance and re-harmonise your energy fields.