As our approach to Skin Health is more holistic in nature we have partnered with an amazing Melbourne based Holistic Nutritionist, Erin Bosanquet.

We believe that topical skincare is only one piece of the puzzle when dealing with inflammatory skin conditions, so we have teamed up with Erin who can help and support you further on your journey to better skin, health & overall well being; approaching from the inside out.

As a Qualified Holistic Nutritionist, Erin specialises in using science-based research and applying it practically to meet your unique health needs. From the first consult, the focus is education, so you feel empowered to make changes. Erin believes healthy, whole foods are supposed to be delicious, easy and affordable. She works 1:1 with you to transform your diet and lifestyle to reach your health goals in a sustainable and enjoyable way.

Erin particularly loves working with clients with skin conditions, digestive issues, and stress/anxiety. As well as anyone who is wanting to eat healthier, build a positive relationship with food and improve their lifestyle.

As a special offer for clients of White Sage Skin and Wellness, you have the choice of two offers:

  • Offer 1: $20 off your initial nutrition consult
  • Offer 2: Free 7-day meal plan with your initial consult

Erin is available for nutrition consultations via video/Skype. If you would like to book a consultation or make an inquiry, you can email [email protected] and further information on Erin follow the link to her website