Our White Sage Skin and Wellness philosophy is to promote a holistic, mindful and caring approach to your skin and overall wellbeing.

We have designed our services to be so much more than just superficial beauty – with every visit a complete experience as soon as you enter our door. 

Our team of beauty experts are passionate about creating a calming space that promotes a deeply therapeutic salon experience no matter what treatment you are having. 

We want to leave a positive impact on our clients and the world around us, so we only use products that are chemical free and never tested on animals. 

The White Sage approach provides our clients with an indulgent, nurturing experience that promotes beauty from the inside and out. 

White Sage & Our Environment

It is our goal to minimise our impact on the environment. The beauty industry is a high waste industry, so we have implemented the following protocols to do our part to help reduce the impact that we have:

  • We have a refill system in place for most of our professional products, we buy in bulk where possible which helps to eliminate plastic use.
  • We are chemical free for the most part, this include the products that we clean with and we try to choose organic where possible and recycled material also where possible.
  • We have a recycling system in place and we dispose of all plastic by Red cycle dropping off to the local supermarket.
  • We use reusable items where possible.
  • We support “Who Gives a Crap” toilet paper which you can find out more about on their website.
  • We try where possible to support other local small environmentally conscious businesses.